Adamo brings 100 Mb Internet via FTTH to 10.000 homes in Lleida

  • 10.000 is the number of homes who, at the hands of Adamo, debuts the Fiber To The Home in Lleida.
  • Adamo is the first to offer real 100Mbit symmetrical capacity connection (100Mbit upload and download) in the capital of Segrià.
  • The first 1.000 homes will be ready to receive service now in October of 2012.

Lleida, October of 2012.

Lleida, in the hands of the telecommunication company Adamo, is rising to the front of new technologies and for the first time has access to Fiber To The Home (FTTH) in the city. The deployment enables the citizens of Lleida for enjoy, for the first time, a real 100 Mb Internet connection (symmetrical, 100Mb upload and download). Currently the Fiber To The Home is the only technology that can assure the speed and capacity we need in the future. “In Spain the fastest Internet connection currently offered is of 100Mbit, but in other european countries you can already get up to 1000Mb! It’s clear that we need to open the gates to the future” says Fredrik Gillström, CEO of Adamo.

Adamo starts to offer services to more then 1.000 homes now in October and continues the deployment in Lleida until 10.000 homes “We are very happy to be able to offer our services in a city like Lleida, we expect our investment to increase the capacity for the citizens and companies of Lleida. The Fiber To The Home is a very important step for a City” says Fredrik Gillström. Lleida is now the third Catalan territory to enjoy the real 100Mbit via FTTH of Adamo, after Barcelona and Viladecans.

The citizens of Lleida can check the coverage and verify that their building is activated via the website of Adamo where the coverage information of addresses installed and activated is always updated.

In 2007 Adamo, ahead of all other telecommunications companies in Spain offered for the first time in this country, Fiber To The Home with 100Mbit/s in the area of Asturias. Currently the company offers it services to home users in Barcelona, Viladecans, Lleida and Asturias.

Adamo, a telecommunications company born with Swedish roots in 2004 came to Spain in 2007. It’s entrance in the Spanish market brought the first 100Mbit service in the country. Currently the company has home users via FTTH in Barcelona, Viladecans, Lleida and Asturias and offers Business Services via fiber to corporate clients in the entire country.

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