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How will you do the installation at home?

The fiber is already in your building and we will use the internal cabling (antenna, telephony or electricity). The installation takes between 1 and 2 hours.

Will it involve extra work at home?

By using internal cabling we will not leave any visible cable in your home. We will not have to make a hole in your wall to make pass the fiber and it will not affect to the painting.


How can I see my bills?

In your personal area (https://mi.adamo.es) you will see all your bills. To access you only need your customer number and your password that we will send you through a SMS when you contract our services.

How do you invoice?

The first week of each month you will receive the invoice of the whole month.


Can I keep my old telephone number?

Yes. We will manage the portability with your current operator. However, we advise you to call your old operator, after having a complete service with us, to check that everything is correct.

How long does the portability take?

The complete process usually takes between 5-10 natural days if your data are correct, but it depends on each operator. Adamo will let you know by sending a SMS with the date and time of the portability.

Will I be some days without telephone line?

The technical procedures to switch operator hardly ever don’t delete entirely the unavailability of the line.

Technical support

Manuals and technical guides

You can find manuals and technical guides in the next link, but you can always contact us and it will be a pleasure to help you.

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