Essential Fiber + Calls + Mobile 50 Mb Fiber Optic Internet

for 3 months
32 ,00 €/month Discount already applied
Line fee and VAT included


Esencial 50 Mb is a budget friendly alternative if you are not a frequent internet user. A stable, good internet connection that is still faster then ADSL.


  • Download 50 Mb
  • Upload 5 Mb


  • Including calls to landlines


  • 1GB Data
  • Calls 0ct/min
  • 3G coverage


Download speed up to 50 Mb

Upload speed up to 5 Mb

*Not available in Asturias, Quintanadueñas and Ermua.


Adamo telephony and calls works with like a normal phone. Calls to landline are included in the price of the package. In our complete pricelist you can check our complete prices with rates on international calls etc, you can also contract our telephony addons with bonos on calls to mobile (check more under Add-ons)


Adamo Mobile is a mobile telephony service delivered in collaboration with masmovil.


Adamo Mobile is hosted in the Orange network in Spain.

Adamo Basic Mobile

Data: 1GB Internet*
Calls 0ct/min*
*SMS: 0,0968€ SMS Internacional: 0,3025€

*Once all data bundles have been exceeded speed will go down 16kbps for an extra Gb, once this has been exceeded the connection will be suspended until next billing period.
**Calls to landline and national mobiles for 0cts/min for the first 5 minutes, then 3,63ct/min. Call setup price: 18,15cts


Price and other details

Price: 32€/month during 3 months, then 38,14€/month.
The price includes the VAT (IVA) and the line fee.
12 months of permanency.
Installation for free.


Offer valid for new customers who order between 23/12/2016 and 22/01/2017. The prices already include the VAT (IVA) and the line fee. Not combinable with other campaigns. With a 12 months permanency, installation for free. If you cancel the service during the permanency, you will be charged the proportional share of the order and/or installation cost, which is 175,45€.

ESENCIAL Basic MOBILE PACK: Esencial Fiber 50Mb Internet + Basic Mobile 32€/month during 3 months, then 38,14€/month. Basic mobile line with calls at 0cts/min the first 5 minutes, then 3,63cts/min. The call setup is 18,15cts.


  • Internet - Fixed IP
    Static ip-address that enables you to always have the same ip-address (geek service)
    9,99€/month VAT inc.
  • Fixed phone - Call Bonus
    Minutes Calls Price Available
    120 min From fixed to national mobile 2,70€/month FAST!
    300 min From fixed to national mobile 7,70€/month FAST!
  • Fixed phone - Extra phone line
    A 2nd telephony line with national calls included, same as your first line.You can keep your existing number or get a new from us.
    7,26€/month VAT inc.
  • Internet - Extra Ethernet cable jack
    Installation of an extra Ethernet (RJ45) jack in a separate room of your home.
    60,50€ (one time charge) VAT inc.
  • Additional Mobile Lines
    Since every customer is different, we offer different types of mobile lines to suit your needs.
    Mobile line Coverage Calls Internet Price
    Basic 3G 0ct/min* 1 GB 4€/month during 6 months (after 5€/month)
    Plus 4G 0ct/min* 5 GB 13€/month during 6 months (after 17€/month)
    XS 3G 100 min 1 GB 8€/month during 6 months (after 10€/month)
    S 3G 200 min 1 GB 11€/month during 6 months (after 14€/month)
    M 4G Unlimited** 1 GB 15€/month during 6 months (after 19€/month)
    L 4G Unlimited** 3 GB 18€/month during 6 months (after 23€/month)
    XL 4G Unlimited** 8 GB 24€/month during 6 months (after 30€/month)
    SMS: 0,0968€ / MMS: 0,4840€
    All prices include VAT (IVA)
    *BASIC and PLUS lines; calls to landline and national mobiles for 0cts/min for the first 5 minutes, then 3,63ct/min. Call setup price: 18,15cts.
    **M, L and XL lines; unlimited voice calls to a maximum of 120 different national destinations (excluding services with premium charges, international, roaming and WAP traffic). If the consumption exceeds the quadruple of the monthly average rate, an SMS will be sent to the final customer informing him that the maximum minutes limit has been exceeded and, after 100 additional minutes consumed, the price outside of bonus will be charged. Once the limit of destinations has been reached the price will be 0,10€/min with call setup of 18,15cts. Current average minutes per client is 600min/mo. Once all data bundles have been exceeded the speed will drop to 16kbps for an extra Gb. Once this extra Gb has been exceeded the connection will be cut until the next billing period.